What is Depression?

We all feel down sometimes. Occasional sadness is a fact of life. Loss, illness, financial issues and many other things cause sadness. Normally, sadness passes within a reasonable amount of time.

When the sadness extends beyond a couple of weeks, and when it begins to interfere with your life, you may be experiencing symptoms of depression.

When you are depressed you feel helpless and hopeless and blame yourself for having these feelings. Depression interferes with working, concentration, eating, sleeping and other aspects of your life. Depression affects 5-8% of adults in the United States every year.

Most people with depression will not seek treatment. For athletes, seeking treatment is even more difficult. Those around you expect you to be “mentally tough” and to handle adversity with the perseverance of a gladiator. Without treatment, symptoms tend to worsen over time.

You need to know that getting help is a sign of strength. You also need to know that getting help can be completely confidential. You need to know you can get better.

I am here to help you.

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