What is a psychotherapist?

A psychotherapist may be a licensed clinical social worker, psychologist, licensed marriage and family therapist, licensed clinical professional counselor, or psychiatrist. 

What is Sports Psychotherapy?

Sports Psychotherapy is specific assessment, treatment and connecting with athletes both psychologically and socially. As many athletes function and relate to things as it relates to athletics and sports, I specialize with this population and the sport culture from which they exist in.

I'm an athlete who is strong and can overcome most things. Is there something wrong with me if I get therapy?

Many professional athletes have been open about some of their struggles off the playing field and received help like Brandon Marshall Wide Receiver for the Chicago Bears and Royce White Power Forward with the Philadelphia76ers.

What to expect?

In the initial phone contact with me we will briefly discuss what are the issue(s) or concerns, my fee, and we will schedule an appointment for the first session.

In the first session we will discuss in detail what was discussed over the phone, you will complete paperwork (I recommend to complete ahead of time. Forms can be downloaded from the Client Forms page.) and we will complete an athlete mental health assessment. Our first meeting is a longer time-frame of about an hour; subsequent sessions will be 50 minutes.


Please contact me for information on my current fees. Fee will be discussed at the time of our first phone contact. My sessions are 50 minutes for individual sessions and 60 minutes for groups. Payment will be due at the end of each session. Cash, check, credit card and PayPal are accepted.

Sliding Fee

I have a limited amount slots for clients that need this assistance. Please contact to discuss available options.


At this time, I am an out of the network provider for all insurance plans. However, for insurance reimbursement I provide a treatment service statement that you can submit to your insurance company. It is important you ask your health insurance provider about the type of coverage they provide for out of network providers as well as yearly deductibles as each insurance policy is different.


I am bound by social work standards developed by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) that I must keep our conversations confidential. The exceptions to this are, if you state you will harm yourself or others.