Online Questionnaire

If you would like a confidential, free consultation, please complete this questionnaire. I will respond quickly to schedule an appointment.

When answering these questions, think about the last 30 days…



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1) Has it been difficult to train or practice with the same intensity you used to have?
2) Is it harder to play the sport you used to love?
3) Has something happened off the court/field that now affects your performance?
4) Are you using alcohol or drugs more than you used to?
5) Do you feel tired more than usual?
6) Have your sleeping and/or eating habits changed (i.e. sleeping more or less, eating more or less)?
7) Are you more irritable or angry than usual?
8) Are you having problems with team mates and/or coaches?
9) Do you feel discouraged?
10) Are you having a difficult time with pressure?
11) Are you avoiding family, friends, or team mates?
12) Do you feel as if no one understands what you are going through?

Thank you for completing the questionnaire. I will review your results and respond with the email address you have provided. Seeking help is a sign of strength and you should feel good about taking this first step. I will contact you soon!