Playing a sport means you train hard. You make the commitment to achieve a goal. Yet life can have a way of being a distraction from your purpose. It can make it difficult to be at your best.

All too often athletes are fearful to ask for help. You may think you will let people down or be seen as weak. This thinking causes you to suffer alone in silence. You don’t have to. Reaching out for help is always a sign of strength. Addressing what is bothering you off the field will put you in a position to be at your best on the field. 

When you are ready to confront obstacles in your life you will find acceptance and support awaits you. Your needs are unique. I understand and can help. Contact me today to schedule an appointment.

natalie coach and athlete


You have the responsibility of your players and outcomes. You wear many hats to the athletes in your charge. You understand that players are different and have different needs. Sometimes players have situations outside your skill set; let me be your resource. I can service individual players as well as players in groups. Contact me to discuss what options are best for your team as well as your coaching staff.  

Daily pressure comes with the job but as a coach you need someone just for you. Part of taking care of the team is taking care of you. Research shows that stress without a release can lead to emotional and physical problems but it does not have to. I provide counseling sessions for coaches. Contact me for a consultation today. 



You have been there from the beginning. You know what it means to sacrifice. You will do whatever it takes to support your love one that plays a sport. You have also seen how balancing sport and life can sometimes be challenging. You may not have always known what you could do. Sometimes support means finding help. I can help. Contact me and let’s discuss the special needs of the athlete in your life.

There is another side of being connected to an athlete. With the highs and lows there can be pressures and stresses on the entire family (especially if the rest of the family does not play a sport). I not only work with athletes but I also work with the family, as you too have very special needs.  Contact me today to discuss what supports are needed for your family. 

Specialized Services

I have developed specific working methods exclusively for athletes. As I begin to work with my clients we begin an assessment process. I incorporate the athletic environment and sport culture in which the client functions within. This is important to guide to treatment with individuals that play sports.


Psychotherapy and Counseling

  • Family Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Online Therapy

Online therapy, phone and in home sessions are available. I understand athletes often have a busy and hectic schedule. For that reason I offer access to sessions more than the tradition in office appointments, such as online therapy, phone and on location sessions.


Workshops, Groups and Training

  • Conflict Resolution (with teammates and coaches)
  • Stress and Anxiety Management (Pressures and Disappointments)
  • Decision Making
  • Team Building
  • Clinical Supervision

I offer supervision for MSWs who are working towards licensure indiviually and in groups. Please contact me to discuss supervision opportunities.
Sample of Topics for Training and Groups

Dealing with Sport Stress (Adolescent 14-17)
Being an athlete can be very demanding; managing school and athletics can be met with pressure and stress. This group will address topics related to student-athletes at a high school playing level.

Dealing with Sport Stress (Young Adult 18-25)
Being a college athlete has it’s unique pressures and stressors. This group will discuss various topics i.e. stress management, relationships, the balancing act of being a college student-athlete, and more./p>

Substance Abuse Group Athlete Focus (16 & up)
This is a group designed to work with athletes who use/abuse alcohol and drugs including performance enhancing drugs. This is not a 12 step group


Schools and Organizations

I consult with schools, universities, and organizations on topics to address your specific needs. Please contact me to discuss how I can meet your needs.

Issues Addressed

  • Athletic Performance Stress Management
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Player/Coach Relationships
  • Player/Player Relationships
  • Injured Athletes
  • Adapting to Team Culture
  • Drug Addictions/Abuse (illicit, prescription, and performance enhancement)
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Breaking Team’s Honor Code
  • Bullying
  • Anger Management
  • Suspended Athletes
  • Coping with Wins and Losses